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Another way to minimize your overhead and gain some route protection in the process is to join a pool association. There are three pool associations operating in the western United States and one throughout the entire country.

In the west, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the most successful pool association is IPSSA, Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, second would be UPA, United Pool Association. United Pool Association operates only in California, while IPSSA operates as far east as Texas. Both associations offer the same protection. Both will offer a million dollar liability insurance policy, and both will offer route coverage should you become sick or injured. The terms of the route coverage will vary from chapter to chapter, but most chapters will do your pools for you up to a year for free.

The monthly dues for IPSSA and UPA run approximately $50.00 including the $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy and the route coverage. There are also other great benefits to joining one of the associations since they provide tabletop seminars as mentioned above. They also give you an opportunity to make friends and contacts with other poolmen in your route area. The final association is NSPI, National Spa and Pool Institute. This is the association of associations. To belong to NSPI, you must take a pool related course and pass a test. NSPI also offers insurance but does not offer route coverage.
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