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Answers to many of the frequently asked questions our visitors and customers may have can be found below. If you need help, please check here before you contact us.

Introduction to the Pool Route Industry through our question and answer video series:

Why should I use The Pool Program instead of QuickBooks?

The Pool Program is custom designed for use in the pool and spa industry and will save time over what you would spend billing in Quick Books. The Pool Program is easier to use if you make a mistake – just go back and correct it. Make a mistake in Quick Books – not so easy! You do not have to know anything about computers to run The Pool Program. With Quick Books you must have some computer knowledge. Why would you want to use a program that wasn’t designed with features that are critical to your success in the pool industry? The Pool Program helps save you time and makes you more money!

What is The Pool Program?

The Pool Program is custom designed software for the pool and spa industry. It has full accounting with Distributor Catalogs from all of the major distributors, Parts Catalogs, 3 different types of Route Scheduling, Route Mapping, Chemical Tracking, Estimates and Automatic Billing. It stores pictures along with the customer data, provides a Pool Equipment Profile, does Email billing, Time Scheduling, processes Credit Cards with automatic billing of credit cards, 500+ pre-typed letters, Reminders, Warranties, Unlimited Customers, Notes and much much more. Can be used with all versions of Windows, and can run on a PDA or iPhone while in the field. The program has been sold for the last 23 years and is the number 1 program in use in the pool and spa industry.

When should we mail our newsletter?

A newsletter should be sent at the beginning of a season or when the weather starts to turn. You will know when the time is right. There is no specific date to send a newsletter as different parts of the country experience different weather at different times.

Does this book really help?

I found The Millionaire Pool Man Marketing Guide to be an excellent resource for anyone with a service or retail pool business. It is packed with useful tips that will help en¬hance your bottom line. So far we have put just a few of the suggestions into practice and are already attracting more new customers at a lower cost than before. This guide is a must read for anyone looking to gain new accounts and interested in putting their marketing dollars to the most efficient use. Betty, Pool Store

Is the book worth the money?

The Millionaire Pool Man is absolutely the best book that I have ever read about running a service business. (And I have 40 years experience in a service industry) It is: Right to the point with passion and enthusiasm, Accurate thinking–How to Increase Profits Right Now! Years and years of business secrets revealed. Road map to true success! Charles Baird is a man of his word. The Millionaire Pool Man is worth 100 times more than I paid for it. Jack A. of Sun ‘N Fun Pool Services, LLC, FL

How fast can I get started with the information in the book?

We purchased The Millionaire Pool Man last year. Our plan was to grow our company “the right way” using The Millionaire Pool Man. The business guide is EXCELLENT in that it focuses almost completely on business development and practices, which is a topic largely lacking in other books. With the information we gained from The Millionaire Pool Man, our business is growing very well and more profitable than ever before. It is a great business guide. John F. of Care Free Pool Service, TX.

Why should I spend the money for the package?

Whether you are new to the industry, or a veteran, the package is the best and least expensive way to get the information you need for the 21st century. The package includes The Millionaire Pool Man Management Guide, The Millionaire Pool Man Marketing Guide, The billing software, The Pool Program by Wise Software and 4 issues of The Swimming Pool Times Newsletter (to be sent to your customers quarterly). The total cost of each separately is: $998.00. The savings by purchasing the package is $203.00.

Why should I send my customers a newsletter?

A newsletter helps you connect with your customers and gives you the opportunity to subtly sell items without sales pressure. The connection aspect is extremely important to the retention of your customer base and to add value to your service. Adding value to your service gives you the opportunity to charge more than other pool service professionals in your area and customers appreciate the added effort.

Is the book really good?

The marketing concepts contained in this book are truly unbelievable. I have applied many of the techniques with great success and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful and anyone who is truly interested in the marketing secrets of the swimming pool service and repair industry. I have learned the secrets of a successful direct mail campaign, website content, canvassing and much more. Along with learning how to market for customers, I have also learned how to avoid marketing pitfalls. I have saved a great deal of money by reading this book and I believe my success is tied directly to the marketing ideas I learned from Mr. Baird. Highly recommended! Danny R.

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