Pool Route Business: New Year, New Evaluation

Many pool service professionals do not evaluate their business or refine their business systems.  If they did, most pool men would notice a reduction in the percentage of profit from year to year. Granted, they may be experiencing a larger bottom-line due to increasing the number of customers on service, but they are working harder… read more

Pool Route: Billing Can be Stressful

Saying that billing can be stressful is an understatement for many in the pool route industry. I spoke with a client several years ago who hadn’t billed for a six-month period. I am uncertain as to how he was surviving, but he hated billing. I have spoken to many clients over the years who mailed… read more

Pool Routes: Looking For a Business To Buy


Pool Routes: Looking For a Business To Buy Purchasing a pool route is a life-changing event for anyone. It is entirely up to you whether the event is positive or negative. You cannot blame anyone for your failure just as you cannot give anyone credit for your success. The decisions you make from day one… read more